The Portfolio Advisors Advantage
Portfolio Advisors’ core competency and sole focus is private equity, private real estate and private credit. The firm considers its significant advantages to be the following:
Customizable Platform
Portfolio Advisors offers an extensive array of products and services to provide fully customizable solutions for our clients:
Private Equity and Private Real Estate Funds-of-Funds; Private Equity, Private Real Estate and Private Credit Secondary Funds
Direct Mezzanine Funds
Separate Account Advisory Services (discretionary and non-discretionary)
Portfolio Administration and Reporting Services
Founded in 1994, Portfolio Advisors is an independent and employee-owned firm. We believe that the long-term stability of our team has been a benefit to our clients. Portfolio Advisors is one of a small number of private equity firms with a track record spanning two decades and providing consistently strong overall investment returns.*
Strong Market Presence
Portfolio Advisors currently has approximately $21 billion of assets under management. With this scale of market presence, we believe we see the vast majority of all institutional-quality private equity, private real estate and private credit funds that come to market, and PA has access to many of the best performing managers. Portfolio Advisors actively participates on more than 150 fund advisory boards.
Information Advantage
Because of the proprietary portfolio management system, PRIVILEGe®, Portfolio Advisors has real-time data on the reported performance and diversification of more than 2,000 different funds representing over 700 different sponsors. The breadth and depth of Portfolio Advisors’ proprietary database enables Portfolio Advisors to benchmark the industry’s managers, better price secondary transactions and create its forward investment calendar.
*Past performance does not guarantee future results. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Brezina.